What is AdsFindo.com?

  • AdsFindo.com is an Online Portal providing all its services online. Its an Online Portal for Personal and Business Classified Ads. AdsFindo.com is aims at providing superior Classifieds servies worldwide. At AdsFindo.com we are providing a complete and competitive advertising solutions for everyone, whether its Personal or Business Ads.

    Whether Looking for a Job, or looking to get Married, Planning to Buy or Sale Property, or even you just want to advertise anything online, looking for Household items or looking for Car or Bike, Looking for Latest Promotions or Offers, AdsFindo.com assists you in reaching out to millions of interested individuals.

    We are Online, We are Global, We have it all...

    - Jobs & Recruitment and Placements
    - Matrimonial Profiles
    - Property, Rentals, Buy and Sale
    - Promotions & Offers
    - Personal and Business Advertisements
    - Community Services and Announcements
    - Professional Services (Accountants, Auditing, Lawyer)
    - Looking for Plumbing or Electrical Services

  • How AdsFindo.com Works?

  • AdsFindo.com works as simple as filling out a simple form to post your ad and you are done. No need to register seperately as after posting you first Ad you will automatically be registered and once you approve your account, you will have loads of benefits. We follow the approval process for your own security so that nobody is able to use your email id and it also gives you access to several tools available at AdsFindo.com.

    Once you put your Ad online, your Ad will go through below steps:
    - You will receive an email with the verification code, once you approve and verify your registration using the verification code you are almost done and you do not need to wait for your free ads to get approved.
    - Your future ads will get automatically approved if your account is verified else you may have to wait for about 24 hours for your every ad to get verified and approved by our admin team.
    - You will have access to all your Ads in order to update its contents and information.
    - You will also have all your messages in your "My Account" under the Inbox/My Messages section and the same messages you would also receive on your email, you need to look after your Spam or Filters if you are not receiving those via email.

  • I have already submitted my Ad, and its almost more then 24 hours, why can not I see my Ad still?

    If you have not approved your account and even after 24 hours your ad is not listed, please write to us at support@adsfindo.com.

    Important: Please do not forget to check your spam folder and if you find it in your Junk or Spam folder, please instruct your mailbox not to spam email from adsfindo.com, just click on the "Not Spam/Not Junk" link provided by your email provider.

    You may also write to us by using our Support form and our friendly customer support team will respond to your queries as soon as possible or within 24hrs.

  • I have upgraded my Ad but still unable to see my Ad in the respective section

    After you upgrade your Ad, you will receive an email which may delay sometimes based on your payment confirmation and also based on the delivery of your email provider or it may go to your Spam/Junk email folder. As soon as your payment is approved and our system receives the confirmation of the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and your Ad should immediately started to appear in its respective section.

    However if you do not receive an email even after 30mins, please Contact Us or send us an email at support@mockexamprep.com and our Customer Support Team will be happy to address your issues on a prirority basis.

    Important: Please do not forget to check your spam folder and if you find it in your Junk or Spam folder, please instruct your mailbox not to spam email from mockexamprep.com, just click on the "Not Spam/Not Junk" link provided by your email provider.

  • Where can I see all my Subscribed/Paid Mock Exams?

    - Login to your MockExamPrep.com Account
    - Click on "My Mocks" from the menu on the left (after you login)
    - "Your Currently Subscribed Mocks" section will list all your subscribed mocks

  • Is there any single page where I can see all the available Mock Exams?

    Yes the below link will facilitate you to search or select from all the available Mock Exams.

    No payment required, will allow you to demonstrate our test pattern as well as to perform mock test with some questions from the Complete Mock Exam.

    This will follow the same pattern as you have seen during your 'Practice' mock test but will allow you to attempt all the available questions within that mock exam. Once you click on this, it will take you to the payment page and will show the subscription cost, along with the number of questions it contains as part of "Complete" Mock Exam. Any changes to the mock exams, questions or answers during your subscription period will automatically be updated for you as well.

  • Is there any dedicated pages for any specific Mock Exams?

    We have dedicated pages for most of the mock exams available at MockExamPrep.com, please look at the end of any pages where we have listed down exams with its dedicated pages along with the country of the exams.

  • I have just attempted an exam at MockExamPrep.com. Not sure how to review my answers or to see the correct answers for all the questions?

    - Login to your MockExamPrep.com account
    - Click on "My Mocks" from the left side menu in your account
    - Look for the section "Your Previously Attempted Mocks"
    - Choose the mock attempted on any specific date (by using the radio button on the left)
    - Click on "Review Mock" button and you will be able to review your mocks with the correct answer

  • I am unable to see my previously held mock exams history. Why?

    Mock Exams historical data and Results are normally valid and only available for the period of subscription, however we still keep it for a little longer, after which it automatically gets deleted and can not be recovered. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions in order to understand more on our previously attempted mock exams historical data retention policies.

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